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Solid craftsmanship skills for creating photographs



The mid 1990s I jumped into the photographic world where film media was still used in its industry. At that time in Tokyo, there were many busy commercial studios operating for almost 24 hours a day, where I was taught about patience, mutual aid and morality in business as a human rather than a lot of aspects of photography and how to become a commercial photographer.

The key strengths that I possess for photography include:-

★ Solid strong BASIC SKILLS from film age

UNCOMPROMISING for photography

WELL ORGANISED for any works


Everything above leads to reliable work, and in other words "craftsmanship"

Careers of HIDE IKEDA

2016... Held the 3rd exhibition”Kaleidoscope of Nations”at Kirra Hill Art Gallery
2012... Held the 2nd exhibition at ARTshashin photography
2011... Received "Outstanding Performance Awards" in GENERAL PHOTO EXHIBITION
2009... Received a prize at digital imaging category in NIKKOR PHOTO CONTEST
2008... Held the 1st exhibition at GALLERY TOKONOMA on the Gold Coast
2002-2007... Teacher in photography at MAKE-UP ARTIST GAKUIN (make-up college in Tokyo)
2001-2004... Worked as a freelance photographer for KODANSHA (publishing company in Tokyo)
2001-2003... Worked as a freelance photographer for FANCL (cosmetic company in Japan)
2000... Studied under Mr Muga Miyahara (well known photographer)
1997... Joined 10BAN STUDIO (Photo studio in Tokyo)

Hide_02.jpgDrawing: Najimeh Norouzi