• 2018… Established ADEKI Images - Luxury Product Photography
  • 2017... Held a charity exhibition”Japanese Gardens”at Kirra Hill Art Gallery
  • 2016... Held the 3rd exhibition”Kaleidoscope of Nations”at Kirra Hill Art Gallery
  • 2012... Held the 2nd exhibition at ARTshashin photography
  • 2011... Received "Outstanding Performance Awards" in GENERAL PHOTO EXHIBITION
  • 2009... Received a prize at digital imaging category in NIKKOR PHOTO CONTEST
  • 2008... Held the 1st exhibition at GALLERY TOKONOMA on the Gold Coast
  • 2002-2007... Teacher in photography at MAKE-UP ARTIST GAKUIN (make-up college in Tokyo)
  • 2001-2004... Worked as a freelance photographer for KODANSHA (publishing company in Tokyo)
  • 2001-2003... Worked as a freelance photographer for FANCL (cosmetic company in Japan)
  • 2000... Studied under Mr Muga Miyahara (well known photographer)
  • 1997... Joined 10BAN STUDIO (Photo studio in Tokyo)


Hide was born in Tokyo into an artistic middle class family, in which his grandfather on his father’s side was a highly skilled painter and his uncle is a professional jewellery designer. Then, while his grandmother on his mother’s side was of Dutch descent and that was unusual for the majority of Japanese people at that time.

In the 6th grade, he joined the “Manga & Illustration drawing club” then became the club’s leader. Several years passed peacefully, he ended up becoming a fashion conscious man (still now!) whose interest was Jazz and the 60’s music scene, and old movies with a touch of fashion & flare in his youth.
In order to expand his artistic passion, he majored in architecture & interior design in an art school, having a lot of opportunities to enter design competitions within the school’s network throughout Japan, winning prizes a few times there. One of his most memorable prizes was that he remained as a finalist in a competition where he got a chance to get an interview by Christian Lacroix, a French fashion designer, giving a compliment to encourage him to be a genuine designer in his future. However, later on there had to be a turning point in his future. He needed to take many photos of interior of restaurants or edge clothing shops in order to collect many pieces of information about his studies, so naturally his interest moved to photography later.

After graduating from the school, he developed an interest in photography and started in an apprenticeship in a couple of very busy commercial studios in Tokyo, where he was taught about a lot of aspects of photography, morality in business and patience as a mature human. Furthermore, he continued studying and working under his master named “ Muga Miyahara” a famous fashion photographer throughout the entire world. Finally in 2001, he became a freelance commercial photographer working for several publishing companies such as Kodansha, World Photo Press and Kneehigh Media just to name a few. During this period in his life, he got offered to be a teacher in photography at a make-up artist college teaching for 5 years.

Years went on, his second turning point in his life came at the end of 2007 when he moved to Gold Coast. He held his first exhibition while trying to enter many photography competitions. Then his second exhibition was held in 2012 and his third exhibition was held “ Kaleidoscope of Nations” at Kirra Hill Art Gallery in 2016. His fourth exhibition was held at the same place in the winter of 2017 named “Japanese Gardens”
He donated all money from sales of the exhibition to Guide Dog QLD.

On the other hand, he has been volunteering with a sister city of GC in Hokkaido, Japan for an annual event organised by the Gold Coast City Council in order to contribute to societies in Australia with his photography skills and to increase his exposure. His creative passion and contribution to his societies will live on forever…